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SING-A-SONGWRITER is a novel music reality show that brings together all the facets that go into making a complete song I.e. Singing, Music composing and songwriting.

SING-A-SONGWRITER challenges participants to create brand new songs by writing their own lyrics on a particular topic and fitting the lyrics perfectly into a tune of a popular song in a stipulated time limit.

Example: Imagine a contestant singing a song about global warming to the tune of the popular song “I want it that way” (Backstreet Boys).

Participants will be judged keeping in mind 3 things

  • Quality of singing
  • How well the topic has been interpreted in the lyrics
  • How well it syncs with the given tune of the song To win Sing-A-Songwriter, you don’t only have to be a good singer but a good songwriter as well.

On Sing-A-Songwriter, every song is a new song.

USP of the format:  The only format that brings every aspect of music making under one show : Song-writing, Singing and Composing.

Genre: Music/Reality
Broadcast Pattern: Weekly/Weekend
Duration: 45 minutes
Prize: Title of SING-A-SONGWRITER and the winner’s own fully equipped Music Production Studio.


  1. Auditions – Contestants will have to perform on a song and a topic of his/her own choice and impress the judges to win a ticket into the show.
  2. Tune Up (25 participants) – Here the contestants’ favorite judge will give the tune and the topic is chosen by the contestant.  Time to write the song – 12 Hours
  3. Tune Up , Lyric Up(20 participants) – The tune is given by the judges and the topic is selected by the audience. Time to write the song – 6 Hours
  4. Your Song Or Mine (10 participants) – The tune is selected by the audience and the topic by Judges- 2 contestants with the same topic and tune will compete.  – Time to write the song – 3 Hours
  5. 5 to the finish (5 Participants) – Both tune and topic will be given by two separate celebrities. Time to write the song – 30 Minutes.
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