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A cooking show where two home cooks or professional chefs face off to win a 10,000 dollar prize.

The catch: They have to fight it out in ONE kitchen. There is only one of each appliance and each contestant gets to use it on a first come, first serve basis.

No dedicated stainless steel cooking stations. No designated chopping boards or knives. No separate ingredients in the pantry at their disposal.

The contestants better be good at planning or coming up with a plan B!

When two good cooks have to fight for equipment, space and ingredients, conflict and chaos follows.

Good luck making chicken parmigiana, when your competitor used up all the parmesan in the pantry.

Race against time when the fryer is with your competitor for over 15 minutes, and you’re waiting to fry your delicious, battered fried chicken.

Deal with it when your messy competitor has burnt the skillet you wanted and you have no time to clean it up.

Strategy, planning and thick skin, go a long way in this show!

     Show Elements:

  • Set: A homely setting with a cozy feel (showcased through the type of cabinets, kitchen equipment, lighting etc.)
  • Shared Kitchen: Approximately 13’X10’ open kitchen, with one L-shaped counter adjoining two walls. An island to separate the kitchen from the rest of the set. Equipment like stove, oven, mixers, fryers, pasta-maker etc. placed in plain view throughout the kitchen.
  • Pantry: A pantry set against the back wall in plain sight has all essential ingredients to cook. However, the essential ingredients required for the specific theme of the episode are just enough for one person and have to be used on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Contestants: 2 cooks vetted for expertise in cooking as well as strong personalities, chosen from across the country. They could be home cooks or professional chefs.
  • Judges: 3 well-known chefs, seated on a comfortable couch with a full view of the kitchen.
  • Host: A humorous host who instigates the cooks with his tongue in cheek humor, seated next to the judges on a couch or around the island while talking to the contestants.
  • Theme: Each episode has a theme – Caribbean food, Italian food, healthy food, Superbowl party. A theme increases the possibility of requiring the same equipment (e.g. pizza stone and pasta maker for Italian, cast iron skillet and fryer for American food etc.) and the same ingredients (e.g. Jalapenos for Mexican food, Red food dye for the Valentines’ Day special)
  • Courses: 3 courses to be cooked in 1.5 hours. Prepared dishes will be presented to the judges for tasting simultaneously at the end of the episode (cooking the three dishes simutaneously allows the contestants to strategize – e.g. if the stove is occupied and they are unable to cook the entrée, they could start making desserts in the oven to save time.)

Episode Flow and Plan:

  • Introduction of cooks: with pictures/scenarios in their real life, followed by their entry on the set: 2 minutes
  • Explanation of rules: 1 minute (optional)
  • Cooking time: 1.5 hours, edited to 15-18 minutes. This includes the cooking and the conflict (on set); monologues of the cooks talking about their strategy offline (trash talking, explaining rationale behind choices, strategizing etc.); the hosts’ and the judges’ reactions and concerns during the cooking.

The cooking process will be intercut with judges’ reactions, host commentary and offline commentary of the contestants (seated against a plain background).

  • Sampling of dishes, judges’ critique, winner announcement & celebration: 3-5 minutes

The judges discuss the three dishes in private and collectively announce the winner of the episode who takes home a 10,000 dollar prize.

  • Total Episode Duration (with commercials): 30 minutes
  • Suggested telecast: 5 days a week
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