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Highway of Love is a new age dating format in which a 300 km road trip from a beautiful location to the International airport of the city can become a lifetime opportunity for 2 singles to find Love.
In each episode, we’ll see 6 participants – 1 single (a man or a woman travelling in a white luxury car) and 5 contestants (5 aspiring partners in separate Black luxury cars) try to find out if they’ve found love, money or betrayal; all within a span of 45 minutes.

USP of the format: The only dating show on the road with a certain destination and an unexpected end!

Genre: Dating

Broadcast Pattern: Weekly/Weekend

Prize: 500 USD per km travelled by Winning Partictpant or A Holiday for the couple to a Romantic Getaway

Number of Episodes: 20 episodes

Duration: 45 minutes


The 1st Date
5 Contestant will begin the Journey on this first date
On the 1st Date, each contestant gets a one-on-one with the single ton but here’s
the catch: they will both be blindfolded and given only 5 minutes with each other
in the white luxury car. In this way, rather than impressing each other with their
physical characteristics they will have to talk their way through to create a
good impression.
Only 3 contestants make it through to the 2nd Date

The 2nd Date
This Date will have 2 moments which will be directed by a screen within the white
luxury car.
A) The First Moment: BRING ME A PRESENT
B) The Second Moment: THE BARE TRUTH
Only 2 contestants make it through to the 3rd Date

The 3rd Date
This date has 2 moments which will help singleton take his/her final decision:
A) The First Moment: THE SPYING MOMENT
B) The Second Moment: THE FRENCH KISS


Even after the decision is made by the singleton, the chosen participant will have the choice of either going on a paid vacation with the singleton or take a cash prize of 500 USD for each KM travelled with the singleton.

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